EFT083 | RAMA “Everything Is One”
LTD 300 copies on Black Vinyl w/ gatefold cover + download card


  1. Between the ashes of silence
  2. Through the doors of knowledge
  3. Before the first sunrise 
  4. After the unknown consciousness

Recorded between 5 and 16 April 2018 by Davide “Don” Donvito at Magma Studio, Torino – Italy.
Mixed by Davide “Don” Donvito at Magma Studio, Torino – Italy.
Mastered by James Plotkin (www.plotkinworks.com). 
Cover photo by Sara Aletti.
Artwork by RAMA.

The four tracks that make up the record, which by their nature are linked both musically and in the story that tell and represent the four natural elements, intertwine the historical research of the man with the essence of himself in the whole that surrounds him.
The disk’s message is contained in its latest and most important concept:

“The lightness of not being, and belonging to every place. The freedom to be everything and the peace of being nothing”.

Everything is One, One is Everything.
To enable the listener to feel part of the journey, the tracks were recorded with a tuning frequency of 432 Hz.